Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) Program Guides and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This selection of FAQs and guides provide summaries of helpful information regarding the Housing Choice Voucher program (also referred to as the Section 8 program), including guidance on inspection policies, payment standards, applicant referrals, the transfer process, and other key topics.


Section 8 Tenant and Applicant Guide

This guide provides Section 8 applicants, voucher holders, and participants with an overview of NYCHA’s Section 8 program; it explains how to apply for the program, rent calculation, and how to search for a rental unit.

Section 8 Property Owner Guide

This guide explains how to become a Section 8 property owner in the Housing Choice Voucher program. It also outlines the benefits and resources available to Section 8 property owners, including the free property management tools available via the Owner Extranet.


This guide explains the transfer process. It includes information about portability transfer requests, emergency transfer requests, and the transfer process for Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) victims.

Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program Guide For Voucher Holders

This guide provides voucher holders with an overview of the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program and explains how tenants can request changes regarding their tenancy through the Tenant Self-Service Portal. It also provides information about Section 8 tenant responsibilities, annual recertifications, and reasonable accommodation requests.


Temporary Program Changes to Housing Quality Standards FAQs

The Temporary Program Changes to Housing Quality Standards FAQs define NYCHA’s inspections policies based on HUD’s Housing Quality Standards (HQS) and provide the federal rules that require them. Temporary changes to HQS program requirements are outlined in the FAQs to assist owners and tenants.

Payment Standards FAQs

The Payment Standards FAQs provide information about NYCHA’s Voucher Payment Standard and Utility Allowance policies, and how they apply to renting an apartment.

Rent Reasonableness FAQs

The Rent Reasonableness FAQs describes how and why rent reasonableness is calculated. They explain how rent reasonableness is used when processing new rentals, or when there is a request to increase the contract rent amount.

Agency Referrals FAQs

The Agency Referrals FAQs provide an overview of the Housing Choice Voucher Program. The FAQs describe all application categories currently eligible for referral to the program as well as the submission process. All steps, including eligibility and voucher issuance for apartment searches, are outlined as well.

Section 8 Applicants Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

The Section 8 Applicants FAQs provide Section 8 applicants with a variety of information, including about Section 8 eligibility, the application process, wait list, and voucher. It also explains how to update one’s Section 8 application and check the status of the application.

Section 8 Tenants FAQs

The Section 8 Tenants FAQs provide Section 8 tenants with an overview of the Housing Choice Voucher Program; they explain how to remain a Section 8 tenant as well as the processes for apartment transfers, apartment inspections, and reasonable accommodations.

Section 8 VAWA Transfers FAQs

The Section 8 VAWA Transfers FAQs provide an overview about Section 8 Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) transfers; they discuss VAWA protection eligibility as well as the process to apply for an emergency transfer under VAWA protection.

HQS Retroactive Payment Policy

NYCHA is offering up to six months in retroactive subsidy payments to owners who bring a unit that was suspended for a failed Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection into compliance.