HCV Occupancy Lifecycle

HCV Occupancy Lifecycle Infographic

Intake (Admissions)

  • Family submits an application.
  • NYCHA will determine the family's eligibility for the program.
  • If the family is deemed eligible, they will be placed on a preliminary waiting list.

Voucher Issuance & Initial Lease-Up

  • Family attends briefing event and receives voucher.
  • Family finds a unit and submits required documents to NYCHA.
  • If the unit passes inspection and the rent is determined to be reasonable, NYCHA approves the family to move in.

Regular Activities

  • Annual Recertification or submission of family composition, income, asset, and expense information.
  • Lease Renewal or Rent Adjustment
  • HQS Inspections are required before moving into a unit, regularly thereafter, and upon request.

Interim Activities

  • Family must report changes in the family composition to NYCHA within 30 days of the change.
  • At any time, family may also report a change of: income, assets, and/or expenses before the next Annual Recertification.
  • Family may request an inspection to verify the unit's condition.


  • NYCHA is required to terminate assistance for certain offenses, when the family no longer requires assistance, and for not complying with program requirements.