Information for Public Housing Authorities (PHA)

NYCHA is currently absorbing all incoming ports until further notice. If you are a PHA and would like more information regarding NYCHA's portability process, please contact NYCHA's Portability Unit at (212)-306-4101 or via email at S8Portability@nycha.nyc.gov. Furthermore, incoming portability documents can now be submitted by PHA’s by registering on our online NYCHA Self-Service Portal.

Information for Housing Choice Voucher Holders Who Wish to Rent in New York City

If you are interested in porting your Housing Choice Voucher to New York City, you must first contact the public housing authority (PHA) that is administering your voucher to determine if you are eligible. If you are found eligible, your PHA will have you sign a voucher and send the required documents directly to the New York City Housing Authority’s Portability Unit. If your documents are approved, we will contact you for an appointment where you will be briefed on the rental process and receive your NYCHA Housing Choice Voucher authorizing you to begin your search for a prospective Section 8 apartment. If NYCHA does not have your contact information, you must contact NYCHA's Portability Unit at (212)-306-4101 or send an email to S8Portability@nycha.nyc.gov with your updated contact information.

Information for NYCHA Voucher Holders Who Wish to Transfer Outside of New York City

NYCHA Housing Choice Voucher Holders who wish to transfer or “port” their Section 8 vouchers to a location outside of New York City can submit their port out transfer request via the NYCHA Self-Service Portal or call the NYCHA Customer Contact Center (CCC) at 718-707-7771. For more information on the Portability process click here.