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To view current procurement opportunities for goods and services with the New York City Housing Authority, you may also access NYCHA's procurement notices on The City Record.

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Micro Purchase Order Forms

Effective January 1, 2023, NYCHA staff at all developments and in all departments began using a new Micro Purchase Order Request Form when soliciting quotes from vendors for materials and services purchases under $10,000. The form includes NYCHA’s Terms and Conditions and insurance requirements, if applicable. When vendors receive the form from a NYCHA representative seeking a quote for work to be performed, the top section will already be completed by NYCHA. In order to submit your proposal or quote to NYCHA, you will be required to complete the middle section of the form, as well as other pertinent sections, attach an itemized quote on company letterhead, and include a copy of the appropriate unexpired license and certificate of insurance, if applicable. See the forms below for further details.

Micro Purchase Order Form (DECAR, Maintenance and/or Repair Services)

Micro Purchase Order Form (Professional Services)

Micro Purchase Order Form (Materials)

Vendor Info Guide for Micro Purchase Order Forms

NYCHA Pre-Qualified Lists 

The Supply Management and Procurement Department oversees all procurement activities, including NYCHA’s Pre-Qualified Lists (PQL).  A Pre-Qualified List (PQL) is a tool that NYCHA will use to qualify vendors and contract goods or services for its developments, streamlining the process for both vendors and NYCHA. NYCHA will publish contracting opportunities, and the PQL will predominantly be used to procure goods or services for those contracts. Vendors who apply to those bids must pre-qualify according to specific criteria, and vendors who are admitted to the PQL can bid on contracts.

View current Pre-Qualified Lists (PQLs) and PQL Requests for Qualifications Applications.

Working with NYCHA's Energy and Sustainability Department

  • Vendors, contractors, and consultants interested in providing goods and/or services to NYCHA ​for energy and sustainability programs are encouraged to review the information about doing business with NYCHA .
  • Energy Performance Contracting Program: Contractors and suppliers interested in NYCHA EPCs may request information directly from the implementing Energy Service Companies (ESCOs).

Prevailing Wage Schedule

Please see the following links for an up-to-date prevailing schedule. Please note that you, as the vendor, are responsible for being informed of any updates to the Prevailing Wage Schedule.

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