Insurance Requirements and Compliance Tracking

NYCHA requires all its Partners (Contractors, Lessees, Consultants, Community Organizations) to provide Certificates of Insurance throughout the duration of their engagement with NYCHA. NYCHA utilizes EXIGIS’ RiskWorks™ Insurance Tracking System to monitor compliance with our requirements.

Please note that NYCHA uses this system to track thousands of Certificates of Insurance received or renewed each year. Failure to follow the directions and provide insurance information to us via the RiskWorks™ Insurance Tracking System will lead in delays in your work or payments.

Process Summary:

The process begins each time a contract is awarded or initiated, and prior to each insurance policy renewal thereafter. If Partner has multiple contracts, insurance submitted for one will apply to all, however noting that any waiver granted by NYCHA is on a contract-specific basis.

  1. The contact person on file for your organization will receive an email prompt from EXIGIS requesting your Insurance Provider’s contact information.
  2. Your Insurance Provider will receive an email prompt from EXIGIS requesting completion of an insurance questionnaire and upload of the insurance certificates to the RiskWorks™ system.
  3. If there are any issues with your compliance, you will receive further instructions from EXIGIS or NYCHA. Otherwise you will receive an email confirming your compliance with our requirements.

Insurance Requirements:

On all contracts, leases, purchase orders and other forms of agreement, NYCHA includes standardized insurance requirements based on the scope of work or contract type. We strongly recommend that you and your Insurance Provider familiarize yourselves with the requirements for your services and make any needed changes to your insurance policies in advance of the compliance process. Compliant insurance will facilitate and expedite the award of contracts, the issuance of purchase orders and payment of invoices.

NYCHA Insurance Requirements Guide – Identify the Standard Insurance Requirement Template number for the scope of services your organization performs. Note that requirements may change at NYCHA’s discretion.

Standard Insurance Requirement Templates – Review the Insurance Requirements by Standard Insurance Requirement Template number identified above. Note that requirements may change at NYCHA’s discretion.


Waiver of Requirement:

NYCHA may waive requirements for specific policies or coverage provisions on an exception basis if:

  1. The risk exposure intended to be covered is not applicable (for example, auto insurance can be waived if no vehicles will be used), AND…
  2. All other insurance is compliant.


Please direct any questions or concerns with insurance requirements to

Please follow prompts in RiskWorks system emails or on webpages to resolve any technical issues.