M/WBE Procurement Plans

Pursuant to Administrative Code § 6-129(g), the City publishes a plan annually for each agency detailing the anticipated contracting actions for the upcoming fiscal year that form the basis for the agency's M/WBE utilization plan. The plans include the following information for each solicitation: a description of the services and/or goods to be procured, the term of the proposed contract, the procurement method the agency intends to utilize, the procurement industry, and the anticipated fiscal year quarter of the planned solicitation. Below are the procurement plans for each agency that was required to submit a utilization plan.

Administration for Children's Services (updated 6/28/2023)

Business Integrity Commission (updated 6/28/2023)

City Commission on Human Rights (updated 6/28/2023)

Department of Buildings (updated 6/28/2023)

Department of Citywide Administrative Services (updated 6/28/2023)

Department of City Planning (updated 6/28/2023)

Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (updated 6/28/2023)

Department of Correction (updated 6/28/2023)

Department of Design and Construction (updated 6/28/2023)

Department of Environmental Protection (updated 6/28/2023)

Department of Finance (updated 6/28/2023)

Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (updated 6/28/2023)

Department of Homeless Services (updated 6/28/2023)

Department of Investigation (updated 6/28/2023)

Department of Parks and Recreation (updated 6/28/2023)

Department of Records and Information Services (updated 6/28/2023)

Department of Sanitation (updated 6/28/2023)

Department of Small Business Services (updated 6/28/2023)

Department of Transportation (updated 6/28/2023)

Department of Youth and Community Development (updated 6/28/2023)

Fire Department of New York (updated 6/28/2023)

Housing Preservation and Development (updated 6/28/2023)

Human Resources Administration (updated 6/28/2023)

Law Department (updated 6/28/2023)

Mayor's Office (updated 6/28/2023)

Mayor's Office of Contract Services (updated 6/28/2023)

Mayor's Office of Management and Budget (updated 6/28/2023)

New York Police Department (updated 6/28/2023)

New York City Emergency Management Department (updated 6/28/2023)

Office of Chief Medical Examiner (updated 6/28/2023)

Office of Technology and Innovation (updated 6/28/2023)

Taxi and Limousine Commission (updated 6/28/2023)

The information in these procurement plans is intended to be a guide to currently planned procurement actions for Fiscal Year 2024 that are subject to Local Law 1 of 2013. As the City budget is subject to change, so too is any and all information in these plans. The inclusion of procurement on the plans does not mean that the agency is obligated to proceed with the solicitation within the estimated time period or at the estimated amount or that the procurement will, in fact, be solicited at all. Furthermore, the inclusion of a procurement in these plans does not obligate the City to award any particular contract to an M/WBE firm or to set M/WBE participation goals where establishing such goals are contrary to law. Failure to include procurement in the plans does not prevent the City from soliciting such contracts.**

The City does not warrant or make any representation, expressed or implied, or assume any legal liability for the quality, content, accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the information, links and other items contained in procurement plans, on this server or any other server.