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Anti-Nepotism Citywide Policy

NYC Anti-Nepotism Policy and Guidance for Not-for-Profit Contractors of Human Services (PDF): This policy set forth the citywide NYC Anti-Nepotism Policy and Guidance for Not-for-Profit Contractors of Human Services governing the human services standard contract provision (section 6.05 to 6.06) prohibiting anti-nepotism within a contractor's organization, contractor requirements, and penalties for non-compliance.


Request for Written Consent

Are you a human services contractor? Have an instance of existing or foreseeable nepotism within your company? Contractors must obtain the Contracting Agency Commissioner's written consent for potential violations of the anti-nepotism provision within their standard human services contract.

Please click here to access the Request for Written Consent Form.

If you need help completing the form, see our Request for Written Consent - Instructions for Contractors.

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Procedure to Request Written Consent

The Procedure to Request Written Consent (PDF) is a procedure template that your contracting agency will provide, detailing steps you should follow to request written consent from their Commissioner.


Get to Know Your Contract

Congratulations on doing business with the City of New York! It is important for you to stay informed on the rules and regulations within your contract. View the resources below to assist you throughout the duration of your contract.