Returnable Grant Fund

The Returnable Grant Fund offers interest-free, service fee-free loans to human service providers contracting with the City. Created in 1992, the program is managed by the Mayor's Office of Contract Services (MOCS), and loans are issued by the Fund for the City of New York (FCNY).

New For Fiscal Year 2024! Exciting reforms have streamlined the RGF application process and expanded access to loans. If you anticipate needing help with critical expenses, review the eligibility criteria in the application and apply today.

Download and complete the new, enhanced RGF Loan Application. If using your web browser, please only open in Chrome or Firefox.

Eligibility for an RGF loan is reviewed by your NYC contracting agency. You must submit applications to your contracting agenc(ies), through your contract manager, or Agency Chief Contracting Officer (ACCO) team – consult our RGF agency directory below. Contact information for specific Agency Contact(s) is in the Setup Team tab of your organization's contract in PASSPort.

Please Note: Once a loan request has been approved for processing by the contracting agency and MOCS, FCNY will reach out to the individual(s) listed as the CEO/Executive Director and/or Authorized Loan Signatory in Part 1 of the loan application to initiate the transfer of funds. Applicants should not expect correspondence to non-authorized contacts.

Agency Contact
HPD Contract Manager
MOCJ ACCO + Contract Manager
SBS Contract Manager

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How should I complete the new digital application?

You may open the application directly in Chrome or Firefox to fill in the text fields. Using unsupported browsers may require that you redo the application.

For additional functionality, you may download the Adobe extension to your browser. Alternatively, you may open the application in Adobe or similar document software.

Do NOT print out and scan the application.

How do I submit my completed application, and where?

Following the instructions above, please save your completed application as a PDF file. Do NOT convert the document to another format or protect/lock the document.

Send this PDF file to your City contracting agency. You may attach additional documentation as necessary to your email correspondence.

Is there a required naming convention when submitting an application?

The suggested naming convention is as follows: RGF Loan - Organization Name - EPIN (or Unique Identifier). Please use a clear file name.

Do I need to include a Board Resolution with my application?

A recent Board Resolution is only required if the authorized loan signatory is NOT the Executive Director/CEO (or equivalent principal officer) of your organization.

What documentation should be included with my application?

If you checked the box in the Statement of Need indicating additional pages for payroll/other expenses, please attach those spreadsheets to your email correspondence.

If your contract budget is not yet approved, please make sure that your application includes a budget template with a Personnel Services (PS) - Other Than Personnel Services (OTPS) breakdown, as well as any necessary backup of requested expenses. This budget can be based on an existing budget template from the prior fiscal year, if available and applicable to the services being expensed.

Communications with the Sector

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