Expedited Reviews

All LPC permit applications are now filed and processed through Portico, the agency’s new web-based permit application portal.

Some types of work are eligible for LPC’s express services, where LPC’s expert staff can review and more quickly issue permits. If your proposed work qualifies for FasTrack or an Expedited Certificate of No Effect (XCNE), Portico will automatically direct your application to the correct service.  

FasTrack Service

LPC has assigned a team of expert preservationists to work exclusively on permits for work ranging from interior alterations to window replacement and HVAC installation on non-visible facades. Through this service, your project will be approved within 10 days if your application includes the required documents and materials and there are no outstanding LPC violations on your building.

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Expedited Certificate of No Effect Service for Interior Work

An Expedited Certificate of No Effect (XCNE) is a specific type of permit that's issued by one of LPC's expert preservationists. It confirms that a particular project or alteration will not adversely affect the significant features of a landmark property. These permits can be issued within three days for specific kinds of interior work at an individual landmark or building within a historic district.

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