Certificate of No Effect

All LPC permit applications are now submitted and processed through Portico, the agency’s new web-based permit application portal.

A Certificate of No Effect (CNE) is one type of permit that can be issued through Portico when the proposed work requires a Department of Buildings permit. CNEs are issued by LPC's staff preservationists through Portico, and do not require a public hearing before the full Commission or a presentation to the community board. Examples of work that requires a CNE include:

  • Interior renovations that require Department of Buildings permits
  • Installation of plumbing and heating equipment
  • Installation of rooftop mechanical equipment
  • Installation of a ramp
  • Changes that the staff determines do not adversely affect significant features of the building

If an application shows a proposed alteration that could compromise a building or district's significant protected features, an LPC expert staff preservationist will help the applicant revise the proposal.



Applications for Certificates of No Effect that include the required materials and meet LPC’s rules can often be approved within 10 business days from when they are complete. Please note that permit applications that do not include the required materials or do not meet LPC’s rules will require more correspondence with your assigned staff preservationist and additional submissions via Portico, and therefore take longer to process.

LPC is legally required to make a decision about CNE applications within 30 business days once the staff has confirmed that an application is complete and includes the required materials. Application status can be accessed through your Portico dashboard at every stage of the process. Once issued, all permits will be available for download through Portico. If your application remains incomplete for more than 90 days, your application may be withdrawn.