Section 8 Forms

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Section 8 Forms

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HPD's Client Services center at 100 Gold Street in Manhattan is currently closed. Applicants and participants may submit completed forms by email, by fax to 212-863-5299 or to the Document Upload Portal. If you're not clear where to send documents, please send them to

Recertification Package

  1. Recertification Package (Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program) | Paquete de Recertificacion (Sección 8programa de vales de elección de vivienda)
  2. Recertification Cover Page (Project-Based Programs) | Portada Recertificacion (programas basados en proyectos)
  3. Recertification Package (Project-Based Programs) | Paquete de Recertification (programas basados en proyectos)

Individual Recertification Forms

Form 1: Authorization for the Release of Information | Autorización para la Divulgación de Información

Form 2: Declaration of Employment Status | Declaración de Situación Aboral

Form 3: Declaration of All Income | Declaración de Todos los Ingresos

Form 4: Verification of Wages | Verificación del Salario

Form 5: Verification of Assets | Verificación de Activos

Form 6: Declaration of Un-Reimbursed Medical Expenses | Declaración de Gastos Médicos y de Farmacia no Reembolsados

Form 7: Delcaration of Un-Reimbursed Disability Expenses | Declaración de Gastos por Discapacidad no Reembolsados

Form 8: Verification of Student Status | Verificación de Condición de Estudiante

Form 9: Verification of Childcare Expenses | Verificación de Gastos por Cuidado de Niños

Form 10: Debts Owed to Public Housing Agencies and Terminations | Deudas a las Agencias de Vivienda Publica y Terminaciones

Form 11: Request to Add a Household Member | Pedido de Agregado de un Miembro del Grupo Familiar

Form 12: Request to Remove a Household Member | Pedido de Eliminación de un Miembro del Grupo Familiar

Moving with Assistance


Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking (VAWA)

Reporting Changes

Additional Forms

Emergency Housing Voucher Program


HPD's Client Services center at 100 Gold Street in Manhattan is currently closed. Owners may submit completed forms to or by fax to 212-863-8526.

For more information and resources for owners, visit the Section 8 Owners webpage.

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