Information on Smoking, Tobacco and E-cigarette Use for Clinicians

New Tobacco Treatment Action Kit

Traditionally, tobacco use treatment has been framed as only appropriate for patients who are ready to quit. However, offering treatment to all patients who smoke or vape is a more supportive, patient-centered approach. Treatment medications can help patients avoid uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms while they are:

  • Quitting smoking or vaping
  • Reducing use
  • Avoiding smoking or vaping when they want to (such as when at home or work or in public spaces)

The new action kit contains tools and resources to help you use this new approach; support your patients who smoke or vape with treatment, including medications, to help them reach their goals.

Youth Tobacco and E-cigarette Prevention Action Kit

As a health care provider, you can inspire youth to resist tobacco, e-cigarettes and alternative products (hookah and cannabis) through education and counseling. Check out the new Youth Tobacco and E-cigarette Prevention Action Kit for pediatric providers.

As a clinician, you play a vital role in helping your patients address tobacco use. The resources below can help you prevent and treat tobacco or e-cigarette use with pediatric or adult patients.

Clinical Tools

Clinical Guidelines

Information on Billing and Insurance

Clinician Trainings

  • Tobacco Cessation Training and Technical Assistance Center (TCTTAC): Provides training and technical assistance to behavioral health providers to treat tobacco use among people with mental health, substance use or co-occurring disorders.
  • NRT Training Video: Be Free with NRT is a 15-minute video that highlights the benefits of treatment regardless of readiness to quit. This video can be shared with people who smoke, as well as staff and clinicians.

Additional Resources

More Information