Mailing Packages to Persons in Custody

PLEASE NOTE: Until further notice, all packages need to be mailed. Packages will not be accepted during in-person visits.

Packages cannot exceed fifteen pounds (15 lbs.) and shall be less than twenty-four inches (24") wide, twelve inches (12") high, and twenty-four inches (24") deep.

All items will be thoroughly searched for contraband.  Anyone bringing contraband into the facilities will be arrested and prosecuted.

  • Toiletries and food items are prohibited. They must be purchased by the inmate in the commissary.
  • Cash for inmate fund accounts is no longer being accepted by mail.  Only money orders and cashier checks will be accepted by mail.
  • NO clothing, footwear or accessory is permitted in the colors of red, yellow, and light blue. Permissible colors for clothing and accessories for detained persons are: Brown, Grey or White, but no button down white shirts. Permissible colors for footwear are: Black, White or Grey or any combination of the three.

The following is a list of the ONLY items that may be brought in for an inmate or sent by mail. Permissible items delivered to the facility must be mailed or brought in an open paper shopping bag, labeled with the name and address of the sender and the name and facility address of the inmate.

Personal Items

  • *One Coat (Non-uniform, No Blue or Camouflage, No leather, "Carhart"  "Dickies" or Bubble Coats, etc.)
  • *One Suit Jacket (Non-Uniform, No Blue or Camouflage, No leather or "Carhart").
  • *One Pair of Gloves (For outdoor cold weather, October-April).  No work or leather gloves, knit type only.
  • *One Hat/Cap (Non-uniform, no stocking type caps).
  • *One Raincoat (Non-Uniform or reversible, no black, no camouflage and no hoods).
  • ** One pair of Shoes or Sneakers, (No hollow chambers or platform soles, Converse All-Stars high tops, New Balance, Nike or Adidas sneakers or boots, to be used for on-trial court appearances or a significant family event. Shoes cannot have metal supports/shoe shanks).
  • ** Two sets of shoelaces to be used for on-trial court appearance or a significant family event.
  • Four sets of underclothing (In accordance with the inmate's sex unless otherwise approved by medical).
  • Four pairs of socks.
  • Four pairs of Stockings, Panty hose, Knee-hi's (Combination) - (female only).
  • Two pairs of pajamas (men).
  • Two nightgowns or two pairs of pajamas (female only).
  • One bathrobe.
  • One Housecoat (female only).
  • *Two sweaters/sweatshirts (combination) (sweatshirts - no hoods or pockets).
  • *Two pairs of Shorts or Cut-off Long Pants.
  • *Four pairs of pants (Non-uniform, no dark blue or camouflage).
  • *Four shirts/blouses (Non-uniform, no white, dark blue or camouflage).
  • *Four dresses (female only).
  • *Four skirts (female only).
  • *One Belt (Maximum 1 ½" wide, buckle maximum 2 ¼" x 2", Non-elastic).
  • *One tie (No black) (male only) (Not allowed for detainees housed in mental health observation).
  • Two handkerchiefs (white only).
  • Two scrunchies (ponytail holder).

*Items marked with an asterisk (*) are not allowed for any sentenced inmate unless he/she is scheduled for court or is going to attend a significant family event.

** Detainees are not permitted to wear personal footwear, except for scheduled on-trial court appearances or significant family events. Upon admission, all detainees are issued one pair of Department issued footwear. All detainees are allowed to have one (1) pair of personal footwear in their property, which will only be re-issued for scheduled on-trial court appearances or significant family events.

Change in Permissible Items

Beginning on August 15, 2013, the DOC will no longer accept any shower shoes/slippers through the visits or in any incoming packages. Detainees will continue to be permitted to purchase shower shoes/slippers available through the facility commissary.

Detainees may continue to possess any previously permitted shower shoes/slippers until September 1, 2013 at which time only those shower shoes/slippers purchased in the commissary will be considered permissible items.  After September 1, 2013 all other shower shoes/slippers other than those purchased in the commissary shall be considered contraband, and will be confiscated.

Indigent detainees may be provided a pair of shower shoes/slippers at DOC expense.

Printed Material

There is no restriction upon incoming or outgoing prisoner correspondence based upon either the amount of correspondence sent or received, or the language in which correspondence is written.  There is no limit on the amount of legal material and law books or legal publications a detainee may receive provided that, as stated above, no package may exceed fifteen pounds (15 lbs.) and each package must be less than twenty-four inches (24") wide, twelve inches (12") high, and twenty-four inches (24") deep.  Detainees may receive one cubic foot (12 inches X 12 inches X 12 inches) of non-legal printed materials, including soft and hardcover books, magazines, newspapers, periodicals, pamphlets, advertisements and other printed articles, in any combination.


Although we discourage detainees from receiving and possessing jewelry, detainees may receive the following items of jewelry.

  • One watch (date and time functions only – maximum value $50)
  • One (1) wedding band (no stones or protrusions - maximum value $150)
  • One (1) religious medal (no stones, pins, or protrusions) if worn around neck, a thin chain no longer than 26 inches may be worn (maximum value $50)


  • One (1) calendar
  • Six (6) pencils (No erasers, no metal parts)
  • Six (6) charcoal sketch pencils
  • Two (2) erasers (gum, rubber, or ink)
  • Three (3) composition books
  • Six (6) pads
  • One (1) pack of writing paper
  • Ten (10) envelopes
  • One (1) ruler (No metal or metal edge)
  • One (1) portfolio (legal size, cardboard only)
  • One (1) pair of prescription eyeglasses

Detainees may not possess or receive photographs that include pictures of themselves. Polaroid photographs are prohibited.