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Communications and Policy

The Communications and Policy Division is the agency’s main point of contact for the communities where we work, the officials that represent them, and the media. The Division encompasses the Office of Intergovernmental and Community Affairs as well as the Office of Public Information.

The Office of Intergovernmental and Community Affairs coordinates all significant communications between local and state elected officials and inter-agency representatives on a wide range of information regarding DDC's Public Buildings and Infrastructure projects. Intergovernmental and Community Affairs includes the Office of Community Outreach and Notification, which is responsible for working with the NYC Community Boards, Business Improvement Districts, and other community stakeholders that may be impacted by DDC's construction projects.

The Office of Public Information manages media relations for DDC, responding to media inquiries, planning and executing public events and creating press releases and other promotional materials for the agency. DDC employees should refer all media inquiries to the Press Office at 718-391-1589 or at the general press office email address

Associate Commissioner: Jeffrey Margolies, Esq.
Executive Director, Office of Public Information: Ian Michaels