Resolve a Complaint

Resolve a Complaint

What Happens to Your Complaint?

  1. You file a complaint and want help from DCWP. You include all documents about your complaint (store receipts, bill of sale, warranties, contracts, cancelled checks, letters to the business, judgments, etc.). DCWP cannot process your complaint without these documents.

  2. DCWP receives and reviews your complaint and supporting documents. If DCWP is not the correct agency to assist you, DCWP returns your complaint materials and, in most cases, includes contact information for the agency that can help you.

  3. If DCWP is the correct agency to assist you, DCWP will process your complaint and a mediator may be assigned to your complaint. DCWP gives you a complaint number which you should reference during any follow up.

    During the mediation process, DCWP will contact you and the business to understand the situation and attempt to reach an agreement to settle your complaint.

    If you have not heard from DCWP after 45 days, please call 311 to check consumer complaint status with the complaint number you received from DCWP.

  4. Complaint closed. In some cases, if the matter cannot be settled, DCWP may inform you of the option to go to court.

Note: DCWP cannot serve as your attorney or give you legal advice. Please be aware that copies of all of your correspondence will be forwarded to the business that is the subject of your complaint, and may be provided to other governmental agencies. It is DCWP’s policy to remove your personal identifying information when releasing records pursuant to public records requests.