Used Car Consumers Get Restitution Checks

Recent Settlements and Specific Consumer Topics

DCWP has zero tolerance for businesses that seek to prey on unsuspecting consumers with predatory practices. Through mediating complaints, charging businesses with violations of the applicable law and rules, and executing settlements, DCWP delivers restitution for consumers wronged by deceptive business practices. In addition, through community outreach and public education campaigns, DCWP provides tools and resources for New Yorkers to be educated and empowered consumers.

Recent Settlements with Consumer Restitution

Was your car booted in 2021 or 2022 at a Home Depot store parking lot by B&M Electronic Diagnostic Repair Service, Inc. doing business as B&M Towing, B&M Electronic Diagnostic Repair Service, Inc., or NY Booting, LLC? Learn about DCWP's settlement with Home Depot to refund money to eligible consumers.

Were you a Berkeley College student prior to January 1, 2019 and owed tuition or fees to Berkeley? Learn about DCWP's settlement with Berkeley including $20 million in debt relief.

Specific Consumer Complaint Topics

DCWP is the coordinating agency for all street vending activity. Learn more about Street Vending in NYC.

New City laws require many food delivery apps to have a license and establish requirements that apps must follow concerning consumers, delivery workers, and restaurants. Learn more at