Language Access Plan

Local Law 30 of 2017 (LL30), which expanded and codified Executive Order 120 of 2008 and had previously guided the City’s efforts on language access by requiring that all City agencies that provide direct public services create a language access plan in order to ensure meaningful language access to their services, creates a language access policy for New York City.

The New York City Commission on Human Rights seeks to make agency services accessible to all New Yorkers, with a particular focus on improving access for New Yorkers with limited English proficiency and creating language access practices for services in which our staff communicates with members of the public.

Our goal is that all people who seek our services, regardless of the language they speak, are treated with dignity and respect.

Download the Commission’s Language Access Plan (in PDF, updated May 2021).

Language Access Coordinator: Saba Hazel, Chief of Staff.

Please email if you would like to submit language access complaints, questions, or requests.