NYC Commission on Human Rights' Commitment to New Yorkers

For over 80 years, the Commission has fought for a city free from discrimination where all New Yorkers can live, work and thrive with dignity. Our work was born out of the need to address racial tension and disparities - work which remains central today. 

Diversity is the source of our city’s strength. Honoring our differences, the Commission uses law, education, and community engagement to unify our city, even at our most challenging moments. The Commission works to center equity in the day-to-day lives of all New Yorkers, informed by the varied histories and lived experience of the communities we serve.  

To advance fundamental rights for all New Yorkers, the Commission is committed to: 

  • Forge pathways to justice for individuals impacted by discrimination, resulting in individual remedies and systemic policy change through litigation
  • Cultivate respect, understanding, and inclusion to prevent discrimination via education, outreach, and community engagement 
  • Shape laws and policies that eliminate root causes of discrimination and advance equality, working with government and community partners. 

Our work continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of all New Yorkers. If you witness or experience discrimination, contact us today.