Project Phases & Requirements for Owner

Before you begin your project, you should assess the project feasibility and overall expected outcome. The following information is provided to assist you in managing your project responsibilities, reducing the risk of future Department enforcement actions and penalties.

Phase I

Pre-approval of Project

The pre-approval of the project will help you to understand and manage the project responsibilities of the Owner, Design Professional, and Contractor. The owner must engage a Registered Design Professional (NYS Professional Engineer (P.E.) or Registered Architect (R.A.)) to complete the project work scope and complete construction documents in accordance with the owner’s project requirements.

If the project starts without the Owner securing a Registered Design Professional to be responsible for compliance with Code, Zoning, and other regulations, important steps may be inadvertently omitted during construction. This will result in schedule delays and higher project costs.


Scope and Budget

Building Owner/Project Developer, with assistance of a design professional and possibly contractors, outline scope of work and budget estimate.

Design Consultations

Owner engages a Registered Design Professional to begin and finalize detailed project work scope.



During the design/pre-construction phase, a clear understanding of the NYC Construction Codes and other regulatory requirements is necessary when considering the project’s scope.


Project Plans

A Registered Design Professional prepares and finalizes project plans, with periodic review by the owner; permit path selected (Department plan examination review or professional certification).


Owners/Developers and Registered Design Professionals work together to determine the level of effort needed to comply with construction requirements; Contractors/Subcontractors can accurately determine relevant project-related costs in their bids.


Completion and Close-out

Project work does not end with the Contractors’ completion of work. A building Owner must ensure Contractors and Design Professional have engaged with the Department and the SIAs to ensure the completion of all required inspections in a timely manner. The Design Professional and Contractors shall obtain all necessary sign-offs of the completed work, after which a Certificate of Occupancy or a Letter of Completion may be obtained to close-out the project.


Certificate of Completion

Issued for some Renovation projects, most Repair projects, and Construction Equipment projects; a Final Inspection sign-off, which includes the submission of various documentation, inspections, tests, etc. results in the issuance of the certificate of completion.

Certificate of Occupancy

Issued for New Building (NB) and Alteration projects; after all related permit sign-offs are obtained and the Final Inspection is performed by the Department and is found acceptable, a Certificate of Occupancy is issued.

Project Requirements Owner

  1. Alterations

  2. Building Systems Installation & Modifications

  3. Construction Equipment

  4. Renovations

  5. Demolition COMING SOON!

  6. New Buildings COMING SOON!

Additional Requirements

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