Project Requirements: Project Application Submission

New York State issues licenses for Professional Engineers (P.E.) and Registered Architects (R.A.). A State-licensed P.E. or R.A. must submit the required plans and work permit applications to the Department – for plumbing installation and modification projects, design professionals may a submit professionally certified project application to certify that their plans satisfy applicable laws and Codes. When submitting construction documents to the Department, the principal Registered Design Professional, who is the Applicant-of-Record, is responsible for submitting the: application, drawings and coordination of required documents.

Step 1: Application Intake

An online submission of project application by completing the intake form with key project information. Based on the project scope, the Applicant may be required to complete the following sections:

  1. Project Work Details (former PW-1 and Schedule B Forms)

  2. Project Cost Summary (former PW-3 Form)

  3. Special Inspections (former TR-1 Forms)

  4. Energy Code Progress Inspections (former TR-8 Form)

  5. Remittance of Project Application Fees

Step 2: Department Review or Professional Certification

When submitting, the Applicant-of-Record may either submit for a Department review, or based on the Owner’s consent may elect to professionally certify.

Step 3: Plan Review or Audits for Approval or Acceptance

After submission, the application is assigned for review to a Department Plan Examiner. If professionally certified, the application may be subject to audit. Plan review or audit of the submission by a Plan Examiner or Auditor may result in either approval or disapproval, or in acceptance or fail, respectively.

Following plan review disapproval or audit fail, a Notice of Objections is sent to the Applicant-of-Record and Owner. Objections must be resolved through appointments with the Department Plan Examination or Audit staff following which the application is approved or accepted.

Step 4: Post Approval Amendments

Any changes to the approved scope of work that is significant and substantive will require submission of revised plans for Post Approval Amendment (PAA). Approval for an amendment must be obtained before the work or equipment is completed. Changes that are not substantive do not require a PAA; however these changes must be shown on plans and included in the ‘as built’ submission at the end of the project (§28.104.3).

Step 5: As Built Submission

All changes must be submitted in an ‘As Built’ drawing at the end of the project.

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