Project Requirements: Contractor Permit & Insurance

Work Permit

Licensed contractors must register first to use the Department’s online permit processing E-Permit system. A permit application must be completed online by the Licensed or Registered Contractor for the issuance of a renovation permit.

Prior to issuing a permit for the approved project, the following are required:

  • Payment of any unpaid Project Application fees.
  • Identification of responsible Special Inspection Agencies.
  • Request for waiver of penalties, stop work or violations (former L2 Form).
  • Licensee’s license and insurance information must be active and current.

Licensed Contractors and Registrants

The Department issues licenses to contractors qualified to perform construction work. Permits for are only issued to a Licensed General Contractor (GC). The GC must have a place of business in New York City as per AC §28-401.18. All licensees shall include their license number and business information on trucks, business cards and advertisements.  See the NYC Administrative Code §28-418.

Insurance Requirements

Licensed Contractors registered with the Department must have the following insurance policies that are active and current.  The Licensing & Exam Unit will have records of these, and when a licensee submits a permit application, the insurance status information is automatically checked to display their current record.  Make sure to update these records to keep your license/policies current with the Unit.

The following insurance requirements must be met by Licensed Contractors:

  • General Liability Insurance: Each occurrence must be a minimum of one million dollars.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance: For the issuance or renewal of a permit, the Contractor shall procure and maintain workers’ compensation insurance as required by law.
  • Disability Insurance:  As a condition for the issuance or renewal of a permit, the Contractor shall procure and maintain disability benefits insurance as required by law.

*Note: Where there are no employees in the company or business of a permittee, the permittee is exempt from these requirements – and must obtain a disability waiver.*

Permit Duration

Permits have a maximum duration of two years from the date of issuance (§28-105.8.1). Permit expiration may coincide with the expiration date of General Liability Insurance or Project-Specific Insurance (§28-105.9).

Additional Project Requirements

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