Project Requirements: Project Sign-Off and Completion

Once the project is completed, the owner or the owner’s authorized representative must ensure the following items/tasks are completed/submitted prior to project sign-off: completed reports for all the required Special Inspections submitted by SIA’s; all required Department inspections are performed; self-certification of results performed by contractors of record are submitted; and the Department Final Inspection is performed.

  • Submission of Special Inspections can be done online by Special Inspection Agency.
  • Request for Department inspections required during various project stages online, and resolve any objections, if any.
  • If the Contractor elects to self-certify the required DOB inspections, make sure to submit an online notice of intent to self-certify, which may be audited, followed by inspection results.
  • Complete the final sign-off inspection to close the project.
  • Substantive changes require a PAA. If the completed project has changes that are not substantive, As-built drawings are required. The Applicant-of-Record must submit revised as-built drawing(s) prior to project sign-off.

Inspection Requests

Required Department inspections must be scheduled through DOB NOW: Inspections. The online portal provides the user with the ability to request and cancel appointments online, as well as view inspection results and documentation.

Additional Project Requirements

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