Project Requirement for Owner: Renovations

The Project Requirements are designed to help manage project responsibilities and determine who is doing what on the project. As well as to help avoid potential problems and the associated penalties.

The Department has grouped the Project Requirements by project application. Owner project application requirements for Renovation projects are as follows:

  1. Antenna

  2. Curb Cut

  3. Deck and Porch

  4. Façade

  5. Educational and Institutional

  6. Manufacturing Buildings

  7. Mercantile, Business and Place of Assembly

  8. New Greenhouse Installation

  9. Outdoor Swimming Pool

  10. Public Right-of-Way Encroachments

  11. Residential Buildings and Community Facilities

  12. Shoring, Underpinning of Foundations, and Ground Structures

  13. Sidewalk Cafés

  14. Signs

  15. Storefront

More Project Requirement for Owner Categories

  1. Alterations

  2. Building Systems Installation & Modifications

  3. Construction Equipment

  4. Demolition COMING SOON!

  5. New Buildings COMING SOON!

Additional Requirements

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