What to Expect During an Inspection

Our inspection structure is split between development inspections (i.e. new structures, major alterations) and enforcement inspections (i.e. complaint response, re-inspections, joint inspections). DOB inspectors enforce the NYC Building Code and NYC Zoning Resolution to ensure Code-compliance and the safety of all New Yorkers.

During inspection, you can expect a courteous inspector who adequately describes any objection being cited. From that your hired professional will be able to request a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy. Please see the Certificate of Occupancy unit after the PASS-FINAL is issued for the next step.

If your contact email is included on the work permit, you will also be able to request the inspection via DOB NOW: Inspections in addition to the Applicant-of-Record (professional engineer/registered architect) and chosen delegates.

Be aware that a few items can hold up the final issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy. All open items must be processed, including violations, Stop Work Orders, addressing Borough Commissioner requirements, and other project-related inspections. Once all items are addressed your application can be closed out and the final Certificate of Occupancy will be issued.

In the event the job fails inspection, you have a few opportunities to get back the project back on track:

  1. If the inspector has noted an objection as certifiable (a removal of an objection that does not require an inspection) the Applicant-of-Record can send in the requested documentation that will remove the objections via DOB NOW: Inspections.
  2. If the inspector has cited a non-certifiable objection you must rectify the issue(s) then you can request for another inspection to remove the objections.
  3. You can request a re-inspection to remove both types of objections if no permit or plan amendment is needed to fix the objection.

If you have inspection questions about of your development project, please contact the Construction Development Inspection unit in the borough where your project is located:

  • Bronx - (718) 960-4730 or bxconstructionir@buildings.nyc.gov
  • Brooklyn - (718) 802-4035 or bkconstructionir@buildings.nyc.gov
  • Manhattan - (212) 323-7288 or mnconstructionir@buidlings.nyc.gov
  • Queens - (718) 286-8360 or qnconstructionir@buildings.nyc.gov
  • Staten Island - (718) 420-5416 or siconstructionir@buildings.nyc.gov

For information about enforcement inspections, please contact the Construction Enforcement Inspections unit in the borough where your project is located:

  • Bronx - (718) 960-4730 or bxConstEnf@buildings.nyc.gov
  • Brooklyn - (718) 802-3685 or bkConstEnf@buildings.nyc.gov
  • Manhattan - (212) 323-8079 or mnConstEnf@buidlings.nyc.gov
  • Queens - (718) 286-8380 or QConstructionEnforcement@buildings.nyc.gov
  • Staten Island - (718) 420-5418 or siConstEnf@buildings.nyc.gov

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