Registrant Project Requirements:
Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation (PACO): Allowable Work Without A Registered Design Professional Submitting Construction Documents For Department Approval

Construction permits are not issued for Place of Assembly applications, as there is no construction work involved, but such applications are examined by DOB and given a status of Completed, if approved. However, a Place of Assembly requires that any existing or proposed construction comply with the Zoning Resolution and other regulations as applicable, and include such details in their Alteration or New Building submission.

Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation

Work permits are not issued under a Place of Assembly application. However, associated New Building or Alteration filings must obtain relevant construction permits. A Place of Assembly requires a Certificate of Operation (PACO).

Applications for a Temporary Place of Assembly that include the use of temporary structures, e.g. platform/stages, reviewing/band stands, bleachers, tents, must be filed as:

  • A separate work permit filing (Renovation Project)

  • Include Technical Reports (TR-1) with the required Statements of Responsibility signed by a Registered Design Professional.

*Note: For submission of an application for a temporary place of assembly, the event producer or the sponsor is considered to be the Owner.*

Refer to Temporary Tents and Other Structures Project Guidelines for additional information on associated work permit requirements.

Additional Requirements for Registrant

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