Disciplinary Actions & Surrenders

The Department of Buildings investigates and takes disciplinary action against construction professionals when their conduct violates standards set forth in the New York City Construction Codes. Actions may be taken against individuals who are accused of abusing filing privileges; violating laws, rules, and regulations; performing work that requires a license or registration without a license or registration.

Voluntary Surrender

When faced with disciplinary action, a licensee or expediter may agree to surrender or suspend his/her license or registration in lieu of facing formal disciplinary action. Similarly, a Professional Engineer or Registered Architect may surrender or agree to the suspension of his/her privileges to file at the Department or utilize the Limited Supervisory Check and Professional Certification privileges. General supervision and discipline of Professional Engineers and Registered Architects with respect to their professional licenses is under the jurisdiction of the State Education Department/Office of Professional Discipline.

Know Your Construction Professional

The Department encourages anyone hiring a Construction Professional to check both their disciplinary and voluntary surrender records, as well as current license status. The Know Your Construction Professional Directory allows anyone, from homeowners to large development firms, easy access to a single comprehensive catalogue that provides the disciplinary and voluntary license records of construction professionals between 1998 to the present. The Directory provides records for: