Key Points & Project Terms:

Key Points

  • While the Guidelines outline information on Department requirements, there are other Codes, and additional detailed and specific trade, industry and equipment standards that are needed for your construction project.

  • Certain sections of the Construction Code and many of the local regulations do not clearly define the responsible party, e.g. the Owner, Developer, Registered Design Professional, or Contractor. All parties involved in the project may be liable if certain Department or other City Agency requirements are not taken into consideration, resulting in the issuance of violations and fines. It is important that at the start of your project, a review is to ensure all design and construction requirements are incorporated.

  • Sections of the project level guidelines discuss consequences related to noncompliance with Code and regulatory requirements. However, poorly designed or executed projects may also run into cost overruns, construction site accidents, negative public relations and scheduling delays, which can adversely affect the project.

Key Project Terms

The following is a list of useful terms to use when researching additional information on each of the topics discussed:

  1. Antennas

  2. Curb Cuts

  3. Deck and Porch

  4. Façade

  5. Educational and Institutional

  6. Manufacturing Buildings

  7. Mercantile, Business and Place of Assembly

  8. New Greenhouse Installation

  9. Outdoor Swimming Pool

  10. Public Right-of-Way Encroachments

  11. Residential Buildings and Community Facilities

  12. Shoring, Underpinning of Foundations, and Ground Structures

  13. Sidewalk Cafés

  14. Signs

  15. Storefront

Key Points & Project Terms Categories

  1. Alterations

  2. Building Systems Installation & Modifications

  3. Construction Equipment

  4. Demolition COMING SOON!

  5. New Buildings COMING SOON!

  6. Renovations

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