Labor Unions and Workers' Rights

Pursuant to Local Law 55 of 2019, labor unions or labor organizations representing or seeking to represent employees directly involved in the collection, removal, transportation, or disposal of trade waste materials, must be registered with the Business Integrity Commission (BIC). Additionally, each officer of such union must submit a disclosure form to the Commission.

Local Law 55 of 2019
Local Law 56 of 2019
Local Law 57 of 2019

Trade Waste Workers' Rights Information

Trade waste workers have rights. Violations of workers’ rights occur in the trade waste industry, including, for example, failing to pay wages owed; failing to pay required overtime rates; paying workers in cash without proper deductions and benefits; requiring drivers to drive for more than the maximum number of hours allowed in a 24-hour period; and failing to compensate workers for injuries.
Pursuant to Local Law 56 of 2019, BIC requires all trade waste licensees and registrants to disseminate directly to employees engaged in operating vehicles or handling waste, and to post conspicuously information relating to wages, worker safety, and lodging complaints. BIC is providing such information to be posted (click the link below).

Trade Waste Workers’ Rights Information - English
Información sobre los Derechos de los Trabajadores de Residuos Comerciales
商業廢棄物工作人員的權利資訊 - 中文