The Business Integrity Commission (BIC) currently regulates companies operating in the “trade waste” (or commercial waste) industry and the New York City’s public wholesale markets (e.g., Fulton Fish Market, Hunts Point Produce Market, Hunts Point Meat Market, etc.).

BIC Goals:

  • Keep industries free of organized crime and other forms of corruption and the violence, fraud, rackets, and threats that once plagued them,
  • Ensure that regulated businesses are able to compete fairly,
  • Customers receive equitable treatment, and
  • Regulated businesses do not present a harm to public safety and conduct their affairs with honesty and integrity.

In-person appointments must be scheduled,
please contact the Licensing Unit at 212-437-0555.

File complaints online! If you have a complaint relating to the trade waste hauling industry or the public wholesale markets, file it online or by phone at (212) 437-0600.

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