The Business Integrity Commission's (BIC’s) staff includes experienced investigators who respond to reports of unlawful or improper acts by private carting companies or companies operating in the City’s public wholesale markets.

Complaints from the public assist BIC in our mission by directing BIC’s investigators to known issues in our regulated industries.  Examples of the types of complaints we respond to:

• Private carters disobeying traffic laws.
• Commercial trash is building up at a location.
• In the same truck, private carters mixing garbage with separated recyclable material.
• An incident or illegal activity in the City’s public wholesale markets.

File your complaints online!  Or by phone at (212) 437-0600.  Your complaint will be treated confidentially.

Include as much information as possible relating to the complaint, such as date, time, and location of the incident, the name of the company involved, and any photographs or video.

We accept anonymous complaints.  But, providing your name and contact information helps us follow up with you.