Trade Waste Decals

Business Integrity Commission (BIC) licensees shall issue a decal to those customers who have a written or oral contract for commercial refuse and recycling collection services.  Additionally, any licensee that provides organic waste removal services to a designated covered establishment, as defined by Title 17, Chapter 1 of the Rules of the City of New York (RCNY), Section 1-01, shall issue an organics recycling decal.

To obtain decals, schedule an appointment with BIC. Please provide the type and number of decals you require. At the time of your appointment, please have a blank company check, money order, certified check, or company credit card for payment.

Refuse, recycling and organic decals are $52 per 100 decals.


Instructions for completing the Commercial Refuse and Recycling Decal


**Note: An appointment is required to pick up decals. Walk-ins will NOT be honored.**

Should you require assistance to schedule an appointment, please call the BIC Licensing Unit at (212) 437-0500.