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Childbirth Education

Lamaze Classes
Parents-to-be often have concerns regarding pregnancy, labor and delivery, and parenting. The purpose of the Lamaze program at Elmhurst Hospital Center is to:

Enhance the well being of expectant parents.
Increase involvement in the childbearing process.
Provide anticipatory guidance for parenting.
Introduce breathing/relaxation techniques and comfort measures/ coping strategies to improve the childbearing experience.
Provide anticipatory guidance to enhance the well-being and safety of the mother and baby.
Encourage bonding between the expectant mother, her partner, family and the newborn.
Provide options for the expectant mother/her coach in selecting their preferences for childbearing (a birthing plan).
Promote positive interaction and communication between the patient/family and the healthcare providers.
Encourage the development of parenting skills and provide support and guidance in the ongoing adjustment to the role of parenting.

Classes are only open to pre-natal patients currently registered and expected to deliver at Elmhurst Hospital Center. There is no fee to participate. For further information, please call 718.334.4000.

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