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Podiatry Residency Program

The Coney Island Hospital Podiatric Medicine and Surgical Residency (PMSR) is a three year graduate training program approved by the Council of Podiatric Medical Education (CPME) under the direction of Glenn Donovan, DPM. We select graduates of recognized School of Podiatric Medicine and accredited to accept three residents each year, for a total of nine residents. This program is well-rounded, highly-structured and designed for the mature responsible, self-disciplined & self-motivated resident.

The rotational structure is designed with an increasing progression of responsibility toward patients and decision making in podiatric surgery and include advancing didactic study.

During the PGY-I and the first 6 months of PGY-II residents are provided a strong educational foundation in medicine & surgery. While on non-Podiatry medical & surgical rotations (e.g., internal medicine, general surgery, vascular surgery, etc.), our residents function as integral team members. The rotations of the residency include: podiatric surgery, clinical podiatric medicine, general surgery, internal medicine, anesthesiology, radiology, emergency medicine, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, neurology, anesthesia, and infectious disease.

Our purpose is to fulfill the educational requirements for each individual graduate's surgical competency. It is also the purpose of this residency program to emphasize the humanistic quality for patient care and needs.

It is the responsibility of our program to:

  1. Prepare the podiatric resident for podiatric medical and surgical hospital practice with the emphasis for knowledge and skill to appropriately use other health professionals during the course of patient care.
  2. Provide intensive clinical and surgical education for the purpose of pursuing a career in podiatric surgery.
  3. To develop the skills, knowledge and attitude which will prepare the resident to conduct future clinical research in both the university and community environment.
  4. To prepare each resident during the course of the academic post graduate years for accepting the responsibilities of the next year's curriculum and duties with eventual graduation from the residency program.
  5. Provide the skills and knowledge in preparation for the requirements leading to certification by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery.
CIH PMSR Residency Training Manual 2013
CPME 320 July 2011 with December 2012 Updates

Podiatry Clerkship
We offer a 1 month clerkship program. This is a hands on rotation in which the clerk functions as an assistant on many operative cases in addition to participating in our resident education lectures. It is highly suggested that candidates interested in the CIH Podiatry Residency Program attend a month at our institution in our clerkship program. All applicants to the residency program are encouraged to at least visit the program.
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