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Renewing your SHL FHV License

TLC Green Cabs / Street Hail Liveries (SHLs) must renew both the SHL permit and the FHV license.  Please note, the SHL permit, and the FHV license attached to the SHL permit may have two different expiration dates.  If either the SHL permit or the FHV license attached to the permit expires, the Green cab cannot operate legally in NYC.

When to Apply for SHL Permit Renewal

  • SHL Permits are due for renewal every three (3) years.
  • The renewal must be completed by the SHL permit owner on or before the permit expiration date.  The expiration date is the date the Permit expires; it can be viewed in the TLC’s licensee portal, TLC Up.
  • If renewal is not completed before the SHL Permit expires, the permit will not be valid.
  • If the renewal payment is received after the expiration date, a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) late fee will be charged.

How to Apply for SHL Permit Renewal

  • Pay outstanding TLC tickets and Taxicab Improvement Fund surcharge payments (TIF) online, using LARS.
  • Pay the renewal fee of five hundred forty dollars ($540.00) online, using LARS (only the $540.00 inspection fee is due at time of renewal).

How to Renew the FHV license attached to the SHL Permit

  1. FHV Licenses attached to SHL permits are due for renewal every two (2) years.
  2. For information on how to renew the FHV license attached to the SHL permit, please visit a Renew a For-Hire Vehicle License page and follow the steps for renewing a For-Hire Vehicle License on the TLC’s website.

Insurance Requirements

Summonses for TLC Vehicle Licensees

How to submit a Vehicle or Permit Transfer

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