For-Hire Vehicle Corporations

A business entity of any type, which holds one (1) or more For-Hire Vehicle (FHV) licenses is considered by TLC to be an FHV corporation.  FHV corporations are engaged in the business of owning TLC licensed vehicles, used to transport passengers on a pre-arranged basis by TLC licensed drivers.

Please note: an FHV license is not transferable.  While a business entity can be bought and sold, when an FHV license is issued, the license attaches to the EIN on the application and the EIN cannot be changed.  The TLC license must remain attached to the initial EIN listed on the TLC application.

For information about an FHV license, please visit the For-Hire Vehicle page, which contains information about renewing an FHV license; TLC insurance requirements; and FHV inspection requirements.

The information below applies specifically to FHV corporations. If your TLC vehicle license is registered under your personal name, click here.

Change of Company Ownership

Use the below instructions if any part of the FHV corporation changed owners or ownership amounts, including a partial ownership change between existing owners.  All ownership changes must be reported to the TLC.

  • To change the company ownership of an FHV corporation, email the below documents to
    • A completed For-Hire Vehicle (FHV) Corporation Change of Ownership and Information form;
    • IRS issued CP-575 notice or 147-C letter;
    • Filing receipt or certificate of formation;
    • Itemized bill of sale listing all ownership interest(s) being transferred, signed by all buyers and all sellers, and signed by the (relative) majority shareholder; and  
    • Valid government issued photo ID for all owners transferring any interest, and all buyers buying any interest in the company.
  • Any FHV corporation owned either solely or partially by another business entity must also email shareholder meeting minutes or the LLC’s business operating agreement, along with valid government issued photo ID for the (relative) majority shareholder of the parent company (if applicable).

Change of Company Officer(s) and / or Company Contact Information

Use these instructions to update company officers, but only where no ownership interest has changed.

Use these instructions to update a company’s records on file with TLC (e.g., change of address, phone number, or company name).

Note: the company name must be updated on all Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) documents (registration) and insurance documents prior to submitting the request to TLC.

Vehicle, plate, and base transfers

Plate Transfer (change of plates). When TC plates are lost, stolen, or mutilated, submit a TC Plate Transfer application to receive new TC plates.

Notify the NYS police and DMV of any lost or stolen plates. If plates are lost outside of NYS, request a police report printed on the letterhead of the police agency in the state where the plates were lost. Additional information is available here, via the NYS DMV website.

Vehicle Transfer (change of vehicle). A Vehicle Transfer is done when a licensee changes the vehicle on the vehicle license and DMV registration. If you have valid / current TC plates and would like to change the vehicle, visit DMV office, and obtain new registration first.

Base transfer (change of base). A Base Transfer is done to move an FHV license (the for-hire vehicle) from one base to another base. New base owner/officer must sign your Transfer form.

Suspensions and fines attached to an FHV license must be cleared prior to removing the license from storage.

Follow the instructions below to remove FHV license(s) from storage, as well as request a vehicle, plate, or base transfer.

  1. Complete the Bulk FHV Transfer Form, or a single/individual FHV Transfer Form
    • Note: a check-mark must be placed next to each vehicle license number (section 3, Vehicle Information) requesting new plates (plate transfer) and being removed from storage (two checks for both). 
  2. Email the below documents to
    • A completed Transfer form. All vehicle license numbers listed on the Bulk Transfer form must belong to the same company and have the same EIN; if not, use separate Transfer forms.
    • New DMV registration (if you have valid TC plates)OR
      • Old DMV registration or plate surrender receipt (FS-6)
      • Title, if you are changing plates and vehicle
    • Current for-hire insurance certificate (FH-1)or Certificate of Insurance Card (for out-of-state vehicles)
    • Valid government issued photo ID
    • TLC power of attorney and valid government issued photo ID (if applicable).
    • Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles - Letter from the up-fitter or modifier
  3. If the Transfer / Storage removal request is accepted, TLC will send you an email with instructions to make the transfer payment online and a digital plate letter (if Plate Transfer requested) to drop off at a New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYS DMV) within the five boroughs of New York City.
  4. You will receive both a new registration and new TC plates from the NYS DMV.
  5. Visit LARS to make the transfer payment, online.  Transfers cost twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per transfer, and an additional seventy-five dollars ($75.00) if the vehicle requires a DMV inspection.
  6. Email a copy of the new registration for each vehicle to  Enter the vehicle license number (on the TLC decal/sticker/diamond) in the email subject line.
  7. TLC will email you inspection appointment information containing an inspection date and time for each vehicle.

Vehicle Decal Replacements

For FHV corporations follow below instructions to request a replacement of TLC decal(s), if the TLC decal sticker is unreadable, removed or if the window displaying a decal sticker was replaced.

  1. Complete and submit the Bulk Credential Replacement form, available on the TLC website.  
  2. Email a copy / picture of your government issued photo ID and the completed Bulk Credential Replacement form to;
  3. After the request is processed, you will be sent instructions to make the twent-five dollar ($25) credential replacement fee payment online using LARS
  4. Notify TLC at once payment is made
  5. TLC will email you a TLC digital referral form to have the decal(s) reprinted at the TLC’s Woodside facility.