For-Hire Vehicle License Storage

TLC has established a new, short-term storage program which will permit licensees to put their current  FHV license in storage once every 2-year renewal period for up to 90 consecutive days. This program will be useful to licensees who may be traveling overseas for an extended period, or who may be experiencing issues with their vehicle. 

How to Place For-Hire Vehicle License in Short-term Storage

To place the license in storage, the following criteria’s must be met:

  • All suspensions must be cleared;
  • You cannot have any outstanding fines or fees due to the TLC;
  • Licensees with pending plate, base and/or vehicle transfers will not qualify to place the license in storage;
  • Licenses in renewal pending status will not qualify to place the license in storage;
  • In-storage requests must be submitted within 60 days of the TLC plate surrender (allow 48 hours for plate surrender to be reflected in TLC’s system).

Once the criteria are met, you may place the FHV license in storage via TLCUP

Steps to place the license in storage once you’ve met the above criteria:

  1. Log onto TLCUP
  2. Select the STORAGE option from the MENU (top right-hand corner of page)
    1. If eligible:
      • There will be a popup with a disclosure and a submit button. (Please read the disclosure before clicking on the submit button)
      • Click on the Submit button to place license in storage
      • An FHV License Storage Confirmation email will be sent to the email address on file with TLC
    2. If you are not eligible:
      • An error message will populate on-screen informing you that you are not eligible at this time.
    3. The vehicle license will no longer appear on TLC’s Open Data active list, and the status will be changed to “in storage.” The vehicle cannot be operated for- hire while the vehicle license is in storage. You may keep your vehicle license in for 90 consecutive days per renewal period.

How to Remove For-Hire Vehicle License from Storage

Individual owners whose TLC vehicle license is registered under personal name, follow the instructions below:

Instructions for vehicle licensees:

Vehicle Transfer is a change of vehicle on your TLC vehicle license and DMV registration. Select Vehicle Transfer if you have registered your new vehicle with TLC plates in DMV. Otherwise, please visit the DMV office and update your vehicle information first.

Plate Transfer is a change of lost, stolen, mutilated, or confiscated TLC plates associated with your TLC vehicle license; or a process of getting new TLC plates to remove the vehicle license from storage. Please notify the NYS police and DMV of any lost or stolen plates OR return your mutilated TLC plates to DMV first.

Vehicle and Plate Transfer is a concurrent change of TLC vehicle AND plates on your TLC vehicle license.

How to submit Vehicle and/or Plate Transfer request:   

  1. Sign in to TLC Up using your vehicle license number (located on your TLC decals/stickers), mailing zip code, and the last five digits of your individual SSN or company EIN.

NOTE: If you are not able to sign in to TLC Up, follow the instructions on how to submit the transfers via email in Base Transfer section. 

  1. Check your email address TLC has for your vehicle record:
    1. Click MENU
    2. Select MY CONTACT INFO
    3. If you need to update your contact information, click on Go to LARS
  2. To submit the transfer request, follow the step below:
    1. Click MENU
    2. Select TRANSFER
    3. Select the type of transfer
    4. Enter your vehicle identification number (VIN). If you are changing vehicles, enter your new vehicle VIN.
    5. Enter vehicle mileage.
    6. Answer the question if your vehicle is a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) or stretch.
    7. Click Submit button

If your submission is successful, system will generate confirmation message and you will receive a confirmation email shortly after the submission.

NOTE: Confirmation email will be sent to the email address on the vehicle license. Duplicate transfer requests will not be reviewed. Please check your email for any additional information TLC may need to process your transfer.

  1. If the transfer request is accepted, TLC will send you an email with instructions to make the transfer payment online and:
    1. inspection appointment information containing an inspection date and time; OR
    2. digital plate letter (if Plate Transfer requested) to drop off at a New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYS DMV) within the five boroughs of New York City. You will receive both a new registration and new TLC plates from the NYS DMV. Notify TLC of your new plate by filing the Plate Notification form found on TLC Up. TLC will email your inspection appointment confirmation once your new TLC plate information is updated.

NOTE: You can access the link to your plate letter and/or inspection appointment confirmation in TLC Up License Snapshot once they are generated.

  1.  Visit LARS and pay the transfer fee that is due, by clicking “Fees and Returned Payments – Existing TLC License” then entering your TLC vehicle license number; your mailing zip code; and the last five (5) digits of your individual SSN or company EIN.  

Bring your vehicle to your scheduled inspection appointment. Once the vehicle passes inspection, your vehicle license will be activated within 48 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Short-Term FHV License Storage Program?

A. This new program will permit active FHV licensees to put their FHV license in storage once during every 2-year license term for up to 90 days.

Q. How do I place my vehicle in storage?

A. Log onto TLCUP with your credentials. Click on the MENU button (top right-hand corner or page), if all the below credentials are met, you will be able to submit your request.

Q. What are the requirements for placing my vehicle license in storage?

A. Application, criteria for approval to be placed into the Short Term For-Hire Vehicle License Storage Program:

  1. All suspensions must be cleared, and the licensee must pay all fines and fees due to TLC,
  2. Plates must be surrendered to the DMV within 60 days prior to the storage date (allow 48 hours for plate surrender to be reflected in TLC’s system),
  3. Licenses with pending renewal and/or transfers will not be permitted to go into storage.

Q. What happens if I don’t remove my vehicle within the 90-day period?

A. Any FHV license not taken out of storage when the 90-day period has ended will be subject to a fine of $300 and suspension until compliance for failure to follow directives to exit the storage program, as well as revocation for non-use. If the period the license is in storage exceeds the renewal date, the licensee must complete all renewal requirements.

Q. Can I place my FHV license back in storage if I take it out after 30 days within the same license period?

A. No. A Licensee may only put their For-Hire Vehicle License in storage with the Commission for up to 90 days once during every two-year license term.

Q. Can I transfer my vehicle license from the previous storage program to the new program?

A. No. The rule clarifies that FHV licenses remaining in the FHV License Storage Program established during the COVID-19 pandemic (“COVID-19 FHV License Storage Program”) after the program end date, August 31, 2023, will not transfer over to the new Short-Term FHV Storage Program.

Q. What would happen to my vehicle license if I never removed my vehicle from storage?

A. If the license has not expired, the licensee will be subject to fines and suspension for failure to follow directives to exit the storage program as well as revocation for non-use. If the license has expired, you will not be able to renew your license and would have to apply for a wheelchair accessible vehicle license.

Q. Are there any fees to place my vehicle license in storage?

A. No. There are no fees associated with placing your vehicle license in storage.