TLC Vision Zero Outreach

Engaging the public and TLC-licensed drivers, vehicle owners, and business owners in a dialogue about safe driving is a key component of changing the driving culture in NYC. TLC Vision Zero outreach and education programs include:

Watch "Drive Like Your Family Lives Here" Educational Video. TLC worked with Families for Safe Streets, Transportation Alternatives, and the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) to tell the stories of five families whose lives have been devastated by traffic crashes. This film is shown in driver training and outreach programs for taxi and for-hire vehicle drivers. The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) and the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) both using the film in their driving training programs, as well.

Watch "Safety First: Vision Zero Training for Professional Drivers" Educational Video. This training video for professional drivers reviews five dangerous driving scenarios related to speeding, sharing the road with bicyclists, fatigued driving, distracted driving, and left turns. Each scenario outlines the serious crash risks of each behavior and the recommended steps for keeping drivers, passengers, and other street users safe. This training video was developed by the Taxi & Limousine Commission as a part of New York City's Vision Zero Initiative. It is available for free and public use. It is available in seven languages via our YouTube page.

Vision Zero Outreach Meetings. Taxi fleets, for-hire vehicle bases, and industry associations across the city have been welcome TLC into their establishments to discuss Vision Zero and traffic safety. TLC staff used a Vision Zero Power Point Slide (PDF) to guide this discussion, and at the end of the session drivers sign the TLC Safe Driver Pledge (PDF).

TLC Driver Education. All taxi drivers must attend training before obtaining a license to drive a taxi or for-hire vehicle. This course includes a specialized Vision Zero curriculum (PDF) to educate new drivers about the rules of the road, the most common driving behaviors that lead to serious crashes, and safe driving strategies.

Most Common Violations Flier (PDF). TLC created a flier to provide drivers with much-needed information on the penalties for trtaffic violations to help them make safer driving decisions and improve their driving records. This flier is distributed to driver groups and made available at TLC facilities. The message is clear: Your Choices Matter.

Safe Driving Tips Fliers. TLC creates fliers to quickly inform drivers of how they can stay safe on the road and protect others, including "10 Tips for Safe Drivers (PDF) and Drive. Rest. Repeat (PDF) which highlights how to prevent fatigued driving.

Seatbelts. TLC created a PSA to remind passengers that one of the most important things they can do to keep themselves safe is to buckle up!