The Green Rides Initiative requires New York City’s rideshare trips to be conducted by either   zero-emission or wheelchair accessible vehicles by 2030, setting yearly benchmarks designed to ensure a smooth and efficient transition to a cleaner, more accessible fleet. 

Beginning in 2024, five percent of all high-volume (Uber & Lyft) trips will need to be through vehicles that are either zero-emission or wheelchair accessible. The benchmark will then rise to 15% in 2025 and 25% in 2026. In 2027 it will increase to 40%, then rise yearly by 20 percentage points until the end of the decade, when 100 percent of all rides will be under the guidelines. 

This transition will play a major role in advancing PlaNYC, New York City’s long-term strategic climate plan  to protect New Yorkers from climate threats, improve quality of life, and build the green economy. Green Rides also delivers on a commitment from Mayor Adams’ “Working People’s Agenda” to electrify the high-volume for-hire vehicle fleet in New York City without imposing new costs on individual drivers. 

Both Uber and Lyft, which together comprise New York City’s high-volume for-hire fleet, have committed to transitioning to a greener fleet by 2030. 


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