Driver Pay

Driver Pay Protections Explainer Video: Rules Effective February 01, 2019

The Taxi and Limousine Commission adopted rules in December 2018 to protect driver earnings. Beginning February 1, 2019, High-Volume For-Hire Services must pay drivers a minimum amount for each trip. For more information visit High-Volume For-Hire Services. The minimum pay standard will significantly increase earnings for the majority of drivers working for the High-Volume companies.

The pay standard has three components which combine to provide drivers a minimum take-home pay for each trip after covering expenses: time, distance, and utilization. The time component of the formula ensures drivers are compensated for all time spent on the road. The distance component ensures all major expenses borne by drivers are covered. The utilization component represents the share of time drivers spend with passengers and incentivizes companies to more efficiently utilize their driver pool.

The rules do not set the passenger fare or establish a minimum wage, instead they regulate the minimum amount the largest FHV companies must pay drivers for each trip. The driver pay calculator below can be used to determine the minimum payment for trips according to the formula. Use the calculator in Driver Pay Calculator.

More information on TLC’s driver pay rules, as well as the current pay rates, can be found by visiting the pages below. The approved rules can be found in Driver Income Rules 04-Dec-2018 (PDF).

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