Drivers of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

TLC’s Accessibility Initiative for Drivers

Want to make more money each shift? As a driver taking part in this program, you can earn an extra $1.00 per trip from the TLC for any trip you provide in a yellow or green wheelchair accessible taxicab. All the money you earn through the program will be deposited, at no cost to you, onto a TLC prepaid debit card by TLC staff.

The TLC’s Taxi and Improvement Fund (TIF)/Street Hail Livery Improvement Fund (SHLIF) program also offers yellow and green wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) drivers a one-time $100 signing bonus after completing their first 20 WAV trips.

Driver Payroll Calendar

Calendar with paydays and enrollment dates for drivers who wish to participate in the program.

For more information visit Taxi Improvement Fund FAQ.

Sign Up for the Program

  1. Visit LARS system to ensure that your mailing address is accurate. Use this address, where the TLC will send your debit card, on your application.
  2. Sign up by completing the Program Authorization (PDF).
  3. Receive your personal TLC prepaid debit card in the mail.
  4. Drive a wheelchair accessible vehicle.
  5. Get Paid! Use your prepaid debit card anywhere VISA/MasterCard is accepted.