Driver Pay Rates

TLC’s driver pay rules establish a minimum per-trip payment standard for all drivers working for High-Volume For-Hire Services. For more information visit High-Volume For-Hire Services. On this page you will find the current driver pay rates for the minimum payment standard. These rates will be adjusted periodically.

Rates effective March 1, 2024:

Non-WAV trips:

  • $1.360 per mile
  • $0.583 per minute 

WAV trips:

  • $1.760 per mile
  • $0.583 per minute 

Out-of-town trips
Standard rates apply within city limits. Outside of New York City, these rates apply:

  • $1.576 per mile (non-WAV)
  • $2.044 per mile (WAV)
  • $0.675 per minute


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