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Planning for Economic Development

Info Briefs provide research, analysis, and insights in an accessible and straightforward way on current topics – including demographics, housing, economic development, resiliency and sustainability. The information they provide is made available to inform land use planning, policymaking and the public generally. They are typically a summary of more expansive reports or research, which you can find linked in the briefs themselves and on the “Data/Maps” page.

  • PDF Document Occupations of New York City Workers analyzes workers’ occupations, or function within the workplace, and earnings over time. The research finds that in the recent economic environment, the highest and lowest skill occupations have led employment growth.
  • PDF Document NYC Workers without a Bachelor’s Degree shows that workers without a bachelor’s are often competing with degree-holding workers for jobs within the same occupations, and explores which occupations and industries may provide their best earnings opportunities in the current economic environment.
  • PDF Document NYC Housing Production Snapshot 2018 Info Brief looks at new housing permits and completions in 2018, a year in which more housing was produced than in any other year since the mid 1960s.
  • PDF Document How much housing is built as-of-right? provides a better understanding of the role of land use review in facilitating new housing. The analysis looks at how much new housing was built following site-specific discretionary approvals, and how much was built as-of-right, including in areas where neighborhood rezonings increased housing capacity.
  • PDF Document NYC Housing Production and Building Heights Info Brief presents building height categories that play a role in producing new affordable as well
    as market-rate housing.
  • PDF Document NYC Housing Production Snapshot 2010 – 2017 Info Brief presents a look at new housing completions that have increased every year since hitting a low of 10,000 new units in 2012.
  • PDF Document Migration to and from NYC provides an overview of the key trends in migration to and from NYC over time and is available on the Reports and Presentations webpage. 
  • PDF Document Middle Wage Jobs in NYC presents the major findings of an analysis of occupation and wage data that provides detailed information on the employment and wage opportunities across different economic sectors for workers with different levels of education.
  • PDF Document NYC’s Foreign-born, 2000-2015 presents a snapshot of immigrant origins, settlement patterns, and selected characteristics, with information on change between 2000 and 2015.
  • PDF Document Employment Growth describes recent job growth in a wide range of sectors and where these jobs are located around the five boroughs.
  • PDF Document Flood Risk in NYC describes how the city’s floodplain is vulnerable to flooding from coastal storms, and how this risk is projected to change over time with rising sea levels.
  • PDF Document Flood Resilient Construction provides an overview of how buildings can be designed to reduce damages from flooding and lower flood insurance premiums.
  • PDF Document Flood Insurance: provides facts on Federal flood insurance requirements and how premiums are set to increase over time, but can be reduced through resiliency investments to buildings.

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