EEO & Diversity Commitment Statement From Agency Leadership

We recognize that the people of our agency are one of our greatest assets, and we are committed to the recruitment, development and retention of a diverse and inclusive workforce that is reflective of our City's population. We recognize that when we talk about Diversity, we are talking about the inclusion of people who are different. When we value our differences, we build stronger teams driving the best performance. I expect all managers and supervisors to promote a work environment that values equity, inclusion of, and respect for all. I want our employees, present and future, to view our agency as a model employer.

The New York City Department of City Planning (DCP) stands with the Black Community within our agency and across New York City. We recognize that planning policies and zoning codes have acted for decades as bulwarks against fairness, inclusion and integration, and that they have played a large role in perpetuating racism and even violence against Black and Brown Americans. Read our full statement.