City Planning Commission

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The City Planning Commission, established by the 1936 City Charter, began operating in 1938 with seven members appointed by the Mayor. The 1989 Charter expanded the Commission to thirteen members. The Mayor appoints the Chair who is also the Director of City Planning. The Mayor also appoints six other members, each Borough President appoints one member, and the Public Advocate appoints one member. The Chair serves at the Mayor's pleasure while the other 12 commissioners each serve for staggered terms of 5 years.

The Commission is responsible for the conduct of planning relating to the orderly growth and development of the City, including adequate and appropriate resources for the housing, business, industry, transportation, distribution, recreation, culture, comfort, convenience, health and welfare of its population. The Commission meets regularly to hold hearings and vote on applications, as described above, concerning the use, development and improvement of real property subject to City regulation. Its consideration of these applications includes an assessment of their environmental impacts where required by law.

For Commissioners' terms of office and their appointing officer, see the Table of Commissioners.

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City Planning Commissio Recommendations on General Project Plans - Provisions of the New York State Urban Development Corporation Act require that any General Project Plan (GPP) to be implemented through the override of local regulation or which involves the acquisition of real property by condemnation be referred to the City Planning Commission.

Public meetings of the City Planning Commission are featured on NYC TV, the official television network of New York City. The meetings are cablecast on Channel 74's program "Shaping the City with City Planning Commission." Programming schedules are available from NYC TV.