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FAQs - Health and Fitness Reimbursement Program

What is the Health and Fitness Reimbursement Program? View the Answer


This program will reimburse Management Benefits Fund (MBF) active and retired members for membership fees for a six-month continuous period in a health fitness activity or physical exercise program.

The member's spouse/domestic partner is also eligible for this benefit, after having completed six months of exercise. Other dependents are not eligible for this  benefit.

What is the purpose of the program?View the Answer


The goal is to promote the life-long benefits of exercise. 

When am I eligible to receive reimbursement?View the Answer


You are eligible for reimbursement after completing six consecutive months of participating in a health fitness activity or physical exercise program.

How do I receive reimbursement?View the Answer


You and/or your spouse/domestic partner must complete and submit an MBF Member Health and Fitness Reimbursement Program Claim Form and proof of payment from the health club every six months for which you would like to receive reimbursement.

Submit the form, and supporting documents, electronically to:

Is there a time limitation for submitting claims? View the Answer


In order to be considered for payment, claims must be submitted within 24 months of the claim period ending date.

What is considered "proof of payment?"View the Answer


Proof of payment includes:

  • Health Club contract;
  • Payment receipts;
  • Letters on company (health club) stationary or letterhead.

How do I obtain a claim form?View the Answer


You can download a claim form here.

How much is the benefit?View the Answer


Effective March 1, 2024, after each six-month period, reimbursement up to $500 will be issued to the member or both the member and the member’s spouse/domestic partner (if participating). If your claim period includes dates both prior to and after March 1, 2024, then your reimbursement will be a maximum reimbursement of $500 for the 6-month claim period.

Is the benefit taxable?View the Answer


Yes. The benefit is considered taxable income to the MBF member only in the year in which it is received. The benefit amount will be added only to the MBF member's Form W-2, regardless of whether the spouse/domestic participates in the program.

What type of facillity must I belong to in order to receive reimbursement?View the Answer


Your health club must meet the MBF definition of an approved Health Club. Please see the MBF booklet Section for more information. Also, prior to participating, MBF recommends that you consult with your own physician, who will help you decide on an appropriate exercise program for you.

What type of exercises are needed to become physically fit?View the Answer


The American College of Sports Medicine identifies three areas of importance in a successful exercise program - aerobic activity, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility.

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