The Management Benefits Fund

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the MBF office located? View the Answer


The Fund is located at 22 Cortlandt Street, 28th Floor, New York, NY 10007.

Can I make an appointment to speak with a Fund representative?View the Answer


Due to Covid-19, there are no in-person appointments being scheduled at this time.  However,  inquiries and questions can be sent via email to the Fund

Is there any cost associated with being a Fund member and receiving benefits? View the Answer


No, there is no cost to be a Fund member and no cost for Fund benefits, except for voluntary participation in the Group Universal Life Insurance Program.

Find out about the Group Universal Life Insurance Program

Am I eligible for MBF membership?View the Answer

  • You are an active employee who works for 20 or more hours per week; and
  • Your position duties are managerial/confidential; and
  • Your position title is not covered under a collective bargaining agreement As a retiree, you are eligible if you are receiving pension benefits and you retired from a Fund-covered title.

Are my dependents eligible for Fund benefits?View the Answer


If you qualify for active or retired member status, your spouse/domestic partner and dependent children up to age 26 (effective January 1, 2011) are eligible for Superimposed Major Medical, Dental, and Vision Care benefits.  They do not have to be enrolled for City health coverage.  However, the Superimposed Major Medical Plan deductible may be affected by this.  Please refer to Superimposed Major Medical Plan booklet section.

In addition, eligible dependent children through age 29 (Young Adult Dependents) are eligible for Direct Pay Coverage Continuation (DPCC) of SMMP, Dental, and Vision Care benefits.  Please refer to the Fund Eligibility and Membership booklet section.

Download the Direct Pay Coverage Continuation Form

How do I obtain coverage of Fund benefits for my spouse/domestic partner and eligible dependent children? View the Answer


When completing the Fund Enrollment Form you must list your eligible dependents in the appropriate section on the form and attach documentation.