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Frequently Asked Questions - COBRA

What is the Federal Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985? View the Answer


COBRA requires that the Management Benefits Fund offer members and their covered dependents the opportunity to continue benefit coverage, in certain instances, when the coverage would otherwise terminate.

Under what circumstances would coverage under the Fund terminate and COBRA coverage be offered? View the Answer


Fund coverage of a member may terminate due to a reduction in the hours of employment, termination of employment (including unpaid leaves of absence) for reasons other than gross misconduct.

Fund coverage of a dependent spouse, partner, or child may terminate due to:

  • The death of member
  • Divorce or termination of the domestic partnership with member
  • Termination of member's employment (including unpaid leaves of absence) for reasons other than gross misconduct
  • Deferred retirement of member
  • Reduction in the hours of member's employment
  • In the case of a dependent child, the dependent ceases to qualify as a covered dependent child under the terms of the Fund's eligibility requirement.

Can all Fund benefits be continued under COBRA? View the Answer


No. The Fund benefits that may be continued are Superimposed Major Medical and/or Dental and Vision.

How much does it cost to continue coverage? View the Answer


To obtain rate information for the extension of individual or family coverage, please download a COBRA application.

For how long can coverage be continued? View the Answer


The coverage period for the member, member's spouse/domestic partner, and dependent(s) is 36 months from the date of coverage termination.

How do I elect COBRA continuation of Fund benefits?View the Answer


In order to elect COBRA coverage of Fund Benefits, you will need to complete a Fund COBRA application. You may download a COBRA application or contact the Fund Administrative Office at (212) 306-7290. From outside New York City call (888) 4000MBF (888-400-0623), or if hearing impaired call the TTY number at (212) 306-7629.

Download a COBRA application