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Opioid Antagonist Reports

New York City Administrative Code 14-176 requires that the NYPD furnish a quarterly report relating to opioid antagonists, including:

  1. The number of opioid antagonists/naloxone kits the department has available for use in reversing the effects of a heroin or opioid overdose, disaggregated by patrol borough;
  2. The number of officers trained in the department to administer an opioid antagonist to overdose victims, disaggregated by patrol borough;
  3. The number of times in the quarter that an officer administered an opioid antagonist to an overdose victim, disaggregated by patrol borough and by the way in which the opioid antagonist was administered, such as by syringe injection or nasal atomizer.

The term, "opioid antagonist" means naloxone, narcan or other medication approved by the New York state department of health and the federal food and drug administration that, when administered, negates or neutralizes in whole or in part the pharmacological effects of an opioid in the human body.