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Crime and Enforcement Activity Reports

The reports below present statistics on race and ethnicity compiled from the New York City Police Department's records management system. Crime Complaint Reports contain information on the crime victims' race and ethnicity as recorded by the officers or precinct clerical staff interviewing the victim or complainant. The Crime Complaint Reports also contain the victim’s description of any suspects who were not arrested. Arrests made by the responding or investigating officers are recorded as part of the booking process and contain race and ethnicity information for the arrested suspects. Additional information for the report is drawn from a separate Homicide and Shooting Database that collects statistical information for murder and shooting incidents. Stop, Question, and Frisk data is taken from the NYPD's Stop Question and Frisk database.

The race and ethnicity of New York City Police Department officers and recent Census Bureau statistics on citywide race and ethnicity is also presented in appendices to the main report.

New to the 2018 Crime and Enforcement Activity Report, under the "Special Populations" section on page 11, is the race / ethnicity of victims, suspects and arrestees of hate crimes.

Hate Crimes are offenses that are motivated in whole or substantial part by a person's, a group's or a place's identification with a particular race, religion, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, ancestry, national origin or sexual orientation.

Enforcement Report Data Tables 2008-2023