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Early Intervention Program

The NYPD's Early Intervention Program ("EIP") is a non-disciplinary program designed to utilize risk management strategies to intervene at the earliest possible opportunity in order to support employee wellness and professional development by attempting to identify and mitigate factors which may lead to negative performance issues, employee discipline, or negative interactions with the public. EIP is neither punitive nor disciplinary in nature. At its core, it is designed to mentor and coach officers to provide support and to ensure that each officer is performing his or her job in a way that scrupulously adheres to the legal, moral, and ethical principles to which the Department subscribes by correcting issues as soon as they are identified.

Each year, the Department is required to submit a report to the Mayor and the Speaker of the City Council regarding the Department's use of early intervention during the previous year. Here are links to those reports:

The Department is also required to post aggregate data regarding officers who have been assessed by EIP during the previous quarter. Here are links to those reports:




Here is the Department’s Early Intervention Program policy: Administrative Guide 329-28: Early Intervention Program